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Trusted stock and options trading advisory service since 1998. Consistent history of outperforming the SPY. Ideal for swing traders and position traders that use higher timeframes.


Established 1998

Public track record

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Editorial Rating

9.5/10 Review: Transparency, Performance, and Complete Trading Plans for Every Pick is stock market trading advisory service that offers its subscribers insight into potential stock and options picks with the objective of helping them make informed decisions that could lead to profitable investments. The main benefits include access to expert stock picks, options trading strategies, and market analysis. This service can be particularly valuable for those looking to enhance their investment portfolio’s performance.

Features primarily features two key offerings:

  1. Stock Picks: The Stock Picks section of is geared towards investors looking to capitalize on stock movements. These picks include a variety of market caps and sectors, aiming to cater to a diverse set of trading preferences and strategies.
  2. Option Picks: For those more inclined towards options trading, the Option Picks present recommendations for options contracts that may provide leverage and potentially high returns. This area spotlights specific strike prices and expiration dates, effectively suggesting a strategy for the trader.

Both sections are updated regularly, providing fresh insights consistent with market changes.

Review Criteria

Performance Track Record boasts an impressive performance track record, with numerous successful trades based on their recommendations. While past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, the historical success does lend credibility to their picks.


The site does display past picks and their performance outcomes, providing a level of transparency. Unlike most advisory services we’ve tested, StockWinners provides detailed reasoning for their trades with commentary, charts and entry/exit/stop levels and target price. They provide a complete trading plan for their customers for every pick.

Ease of Use

Navigating through is straightforward. The website clearly separates Stock Picks from Option Picks, making it simple for subscribers to find what they’re looking for. Additionally, explanations are provided for each recommendation, which can be quite beneficial for both seasoned traders and newcomers to the markets.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential aspect of any service-oriented platform. seems to understand this as they offer email assistance. This is standard for virtually all advisory services and we’ve yet to experience any long delayed responses. Since their service is so easy to understand and follow we haven’t really needed to contact them for anything major.

How It Works

  1. Research: The people at StockWinners look at lots of information about companies and the market. They use this info to figure out which stocks seem like they might do well.
  2. Picking Stocks: After doing their research, they choose certain stocks that they believe will increase in price. These are the “picks.”
  3. Full Trading Plan: Each pick comes with entry, exit, stop loss, and target prices. You also get trade reasoning and an annotated chart so you can understand why they’ve chosen that set up. This allows subscribers to make a decision if they want to take the trade or not.
  4. Sharing Picks: They post these picks on their website and also email them to subscribers before the market open. When you go to their “Stock Picks” or “Options Picks” page, you can see a list of tickers they’ve chosen.


In conclusion, presents itself as a valuable resource for both stock and options traders seeking expert advice. With its commendable performance track record, impeccable transparency, user-friendly service, and reliable customer support, it stands out as a strong candidate for investors keen on elevating their trading game. Potential users are encouraged to weigh the subscription cost against the value of the information provided, bearing in mind their individual trading styles and risk tolerance. Overall, is a contender worth considering in the realm of stock and options advisory services.